Social Media Marketing Management

At WaraGenio we offer a comprehensive service for the management of your corporate social networks. Starting from the strategy, with the definition of brand personality to the targets for content generation, distribution and management of the various networks. We are specialized in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter.

Social networks serve as spaces for the distribution of content, but are also advertising platforms for highly segmented campaigns according to the most relevant criteria for the company.

For this reason, we have combined the various social networking services in the following products:

Planning and strategy in social networks.

This product includes the Social Networking workshop, which aims to define how the brand will express itself on the networks and to create a script for publishing on your approved networks.

Production of multi-format content for social networks.

The most common content formats we produce include video productions, posts and articles, press releases, photo reports, computer graphics, infographics and presentations.

Social network management.

Network management includes the compilation of content and everything related to community management.

Development of campaigns and contests for social networks.

This service focuses on generating temporary activities in a network. The basic feature is that it can be quickly assembled. These are generally playful activities that, through the dynamics of the game and in the social environment, try to generate interaction with the public.

Social listening tools.

With these tools you can track what is said in social networks about your brand, products, competitors, etc. This information is very useful for matching content with topics that really interest users.

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