Professional Web Development

Web development is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. Many solutions are deployed on cloud platforms, both for internal use within organizations and to provide tools and services to their customers.

The Corporate Websites themselves, which until recently were mainly used for the presentation of the company, today are increasingly becoming direct tools for generating leads.

At WaraGenio we are focused on the most useful software tools for companies in the industrial and professional sector.

Specifically, we offer the development of the following solutions:

Corporate Websites & Blogs.

Your corporate website is not only a presentation tool, it can also be a “salesperson” of your company when there is no one present, or a very powerful tool for attracting potential customers.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM).

Whether internal or cloud-based, a CRM system is essential in the modern company. The ability to efficiently manage the sales cycle, as well as the business information that a CRM system can provide, is extremely worthy. We customize and implement the most convenient solution for your company while training the staff to make the most of it.

E-learning Platforms.

The e-learning platforms are not only very useful for the continuous training of managers and employees, but can also be a powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers. We work with both open source and cloud-based solutions.

Productivity Tools.

When it comes to project management, task optimization, working within remote teams or across departments, there are a number of software tools that make these tasks much easier. We not only provide you with advice to choose the most suitable tools, but we also support you throughout the entire implementation process.

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