Corporate Visual Communication

There is a growing awareness in the business world that visual formats of communication are the most effective ways to convey the right message, especially in these times where we are constantly bombarded by so much new information.

Psychologists, neurologists and researchers of brain activity and human behavior have found that words are processed by our short-term memory, and that we can retain only a small amount of information from them. However, images are stored directly in long-term memory, where they are often recorded forever.

In the business world, it is clear that there is no one magic formula for success, but strong brands have one thing in common: when they release their commercial messages, rather than focusing only on the rational benefits of their products and services, they create an emotional connection with customers. Acting in this way makes a much stronger impression on people’s minds.

These companies know that in order to create an effective message, consumers need not only to be aware of what they are offering, but also to feel a deeper relationship with the brand.

And how do they do that?

Well, through a corporate visual communication that takes into account the psychological, demographic and cultural factors of their clients.

The video format is the most effective way to communicate today. The moving image is by far the most attractive, so transmitting corporate messages in video format can not only stand out from your competition, but it can help you establish an emotional relationship with the customer faster and more effectively.

WaraGenio offers corporate visual communication services based on this approach. Specifically, we offer the following services:

Corporate video.

Presentation of the company; presentation of new products or services; documentation of the execution and progress of projects.


For product launch campaigns, seasonal campaigns, etc. We have a technical team highly specialized in the key aspects of the media focused on business.

Reputation and personal brand campaign videos.

Aimed at executives and senior managers who, with the increase of their visibility and personal brand also serve the purpose of promoting their company, because in short, companies are made up of people. The best known examples of this way of promoting communication are Elon Musk and Sir Richard Branson, who constantly promote their numerous companies by promoting their own image.

Modification or modernization of the brand.

We attach great importance to the image of the company from the point of view of graphic design. It is essential that there is coherence between the colors, typographies, styles and shapes that make up the graphic image of the company, so that it is consistent with the aesthetic expectations of customers, while updated with visual and user experience trends.

Social media videos.

In line with the company’s social media marketing strategy, short videos are the most powerful communication tool in these media. Taking advantage of the effect that the virality of interesting, provocative or controversial videos can have on your brand image is undoubtedly one of the most profitable investments you can make in today’s digital marketing scenario.


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